#140 – Multi Kitchen Tool

Use this tool as a whisk, tong, salad server, spatual, slotted spoon or strainer. Great multi purpose tool for your kitchen. Made in China.

#150 – Fruit Scoops

Set of 3 fruit scoops, makes easy work of removing seeds from cantaloupe, peppers tomatoes & other foods. Made in China. 

#170 – Muffin/Cupcake Liners

Set of  6 brightly colored reusable silicone liners helps make perfect muffins, cupcakes and individual cheesecakes. Made in China. 


#185 – Knife/Server

Strong and flexible to cut, lift and serve. Great to use with non-stick bakeware. Heat resistant to 400 degrees. Made in China. 

#820 – Apple Corer

7 1/2″ always sharp chromed steel tube corer. it self ejects previous core. Red acrylic handle. Sized to larger US grown apples & other fruits and foods. Mkes coring apples clean & quick for canning, freezing, baking or eating. Made in the USA. 

#870 – Mezzaluna Chopper

10″ Stainless steel blade with hardwood handles makes chopping & cutting safe & fast. Made in Italy.