Question: My Heritage Lefse Grill does not seem to heat properly, what should I do? 

Answer: You need to replace the probe control, 99% of the time this will correct the problem. Since the temperature of 500 degrees is needed to cook lefse properly, the control has overheated and burned out. the typical reasons for the probe to burn out include, cooking for more that the recommended 1 1/2 – 2 hrs, flour or moisture dropping into the control area.

Question: I have had two probe controls burn out in a short amount of time & followed your suggestions to prolong the life of the probe control, what should I do? 

Answer: You need to look at the prongs(small silver pieces) sticking out of the grill, that the control plugs into. If these are dull & dingy looking they need to be replaced. To do this the grill needs to be sent into us along with a letter explaining the problems you are having and $20 to cover the cost of the parts & the return shipping.

Question: I have a sticky spot on my Aluminum finish Lefse Grill, should I use non- stick spray or grease on it?

Answer: NO! Never use products containing grease on an aluminum finish lefse Grill, if you want to use it for lefse again. The grease will destroy the seasoning that has built up on the grill and make it impossible to prevent the lefse from sticking. Take a small piece of steel wool & go in a circular motion around the surface of the grill( following the original sanding marks.) Once you feel you have the sticky spot removed, rub flour onto the surface of the grill, just like when it was new. Make sure the dough is chilled properly, take only a couple of dough balls out of the refrigerator at a time. In extreme instances the grills may need to be sent in and sanded here. To do this send the grill in along with a letter explaining the problems you are having and $25  to cover the sanding and the return shipping.

Question: Which grill is better the Aluminum or the Non Stick Finished?

Answer: This is a matter of preference and what the grill will be used for. If the grill will only be used for lefse, most people prefer to use the aluminum finish. If you would like to use your grill for everyday cooking of pancakes, eggs, bacon, steaks, sandwiches, injera & lefse, you are best off to purchase the Non Stick finished grill. Both grill surfaces brown the lefse the same.

Question: Which Lefse Stick is the best? 

Answer: This is also a matter of preference. The most common lefse stick is the #070, which is 7/8″ wide. Some people feel this is too narrow to have their lefse drape over and prefer the #080, which is 1 1/2″ wide.

Question: Why do you have so many rolling pins? What is the difference? 

Answer: The #400 Smooth Rolling Pin is used for everyday baking of pies, cookies, pizza and other crusts. the #420 Corrugated Rolling Pin is the most common rolling pin used for lefse, the reason for the grooves is to remove air pockets from the dough. The #440 Square Cut Rolling Pin is also used for potato lefse but most often used for Hardanger Lefse, these groves also help remove the air pockets from the dough. The #420 & #440 rolling pins can also be used for pies, cookies & pizza.

Question: Doesn’t the dough get stuck in the rolling pin grooves? 

Answer: No not if you use the #460 Rolling Pin Cover over the rolling pin while rolling dough out. This cover prevents the dough from getting in the grooves & also prevents the dough from sticking to the rolling pin.

Question: What is the purpose of the Mini Pin? 

Answer: The Mini pins make for easy one handed rolling of dough. The #470 works well for all dough rolling especially when rolling dough into a pan. The #480 is for lefse & also general dough rolling.

Question: My Pastry Board & Cloth set has a sticky spot – what should I do? 

Answer: Lightly scrape the area where the dough is sticking & then rub flour back into this area.

Question: Will the #800 probe work with my older model grill?

Answer: The #800 – Probe control will work with the following model of Bethany grills – #400, #410, #440, #730 & #735. On grills manufactured prior to 1978, an adjustment may need to be made to the shield that your control slides into. to do this turn the grill over and loosen the two screws on the shield. Then push the shield back towards the center of the grill as far as it will go and retighten the screws. This will help the control make better contact with the prongs on the grill.